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Everything starts from a vision, so does EuTravelIN!

Above all, we have to thanks a couple of people, maybe more, but we choose to start with them!

Mrs.A. One of the first believer in the project. Thanks to her, as the same for others, we were able to begin. Just a couple of years ago we started first release of community portal features and interface.

Mr.A. If we can consider Mrs.A as the first baker absolutely Mr.A is the second one, or at all the first man, with all the honor!

Family. Without their presence, none of this would be imaginable. Two boys and a princess in our lives. They are everything for us, the light, the fun, all the colors of the world, our world and our future!

Mr.B. Generally ideas start from him, whether it's night or day, we are in presence of a great worker. Sooner or later he always works to improve, scanning all little details to get better and better.

The Team. Anyone else? Wanna join to EuTravelIN?

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