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What is EUTravelIN?

EuTravelIN is a network, a social network and a social-game too. It's that kind of place we all love. Sharing, socialize and have fun. Meet people and dream or planning next trip.

EuTravelIN is a virtual space made of people. All the best can EuTravelIN do? Put ideas together, mix social network culture and tourism. Enhance situationes we all like so much!

We love holiday, We love travel!

EuTravelIN helps to communicate & collaborate effortlessly, to build your own awesome social networking travelling life!

  1. Awesome activities view :
  2. Share moments, updates and rich medias on your stream
  3. Pin posts to the top of your profile to increase visibility
  4. Express your mood with the built-in emoticons
  5. Get people involved by using @mentions and #hashtags
  6. Tag a friend, co-worker or family members
  7. Add virality to a post by reposting the stream item
  8. OpenStreetMap integration
  9. Social Commerce, Booking, Renting

So, get your stuff, go and share! And yes, you can join us, check this page!

Social Gaming Network Everything - Welcome in EUTravelIN

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