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What does EUTravelIN do?

EUTravelIN is a social platform, therefore it aims to promote the exchange and sharing of one's experiences, but also of useful information for leisure time or for one's purchases.

EuTravelIN is a platform to play, each "social" action has a value in points and the accumulated points are converted into purchasing power! So the more you use EuTravelIN the more purchasing power you get!

EuTravelIN works like a social network. People sign up and start to create his own travelist-timeline.

People can upload pictures, videos, references or simple write, and more over share with friends, chatting with them, and so on.

All those contents can be public, private or secret. People decide the sharing level and what publish, what experiences sites emphasize.

EuTravelIN is a web service without improper external advertising, just special deals made for your travel, business lunch and much more!

The philosophy of the Community is to bring their favorite places, therefore everyone's favorite companies; companies or activities such as restaurants, cinemas, arcades, rental companies and so on, sharing them among everyone!

Operators sell their products, coupons or services created and suited for EUTravelIN, just search or simply find them through categories menu!

So, get your stuff, go and share! And yes, you can join us, check this page!

Social Gaming Network Everything - Welcome in EUTravelIN

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