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What can you do with EUTravelIN?

EuTravelIN works like a social network, trying to be a "best friend" that suggest holiday destinations and much more!

Traveller: Buy event tickets and share the event too! It's an example.

Companies: Sell your event tickets or any kind of coupon! In EuTravelIN there're booking and renting services.

Traveller: Find amazing coffee cup - Operator: Offer your best expresso!

And much more through this social marketplace!

  1. Find and buy special deals!
  2. Get up close with your social groups
  3. Manage and host events
  4. Invite friends to join any Groups, Events
  5. Create discussions and events within your social group
  6. Post announcements in Groups, Events
  7. Discover and create Groups and Events from various categories
  8. Share photos within your Groups, Events
  9. Express your mood with the built-in emoticons
  10. Get people involved by using @mentions and #hashtags
  11. Tag a friend, co-worker or family members
  12. Add virality to a post by reposting the stream item
  13. OpenStreetMap integration
  14. Play with EuTravelIN Games!
  15. Invite other travellers and operators to join the Community!

Traveller and Operator: on both side of the same coin, a deal for everyone!

So, get your stuff, go and share! And yes, you can join us, check this page!

Social Gaming Network Everything - Welcome in EuTravelIN

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