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What does EuTravelIN need?

Oh, here it is the big question!

So, here we are, we are working step by step.

We have worked for a while, just a couple of year, about the main ideas of this web-portal.

But, there's always a dramatic "but" in each good story, we have got a lot to do yet! Yep, a lot!

It's quite good, that's mean we have a lot to...  to do what?

Third parties social network integration: the goal is that your activities in EuTravelIN will spread all over your accounts, in a close in future we will do that!

Fully integration with map visualisation of your journey-plans, pin on a custom layered in OpenStreetMap, automatic localisation of published events and other, like operators publishing their personal pop-up on the same map.

Well suited integration between all the features we thought, social sharing, manage posting groups events, find special deals in the marketplace and eventually organize a private copy of your digital lives, automatically through our next mobile-app!

Now EuTravelIN is on line and works quite good, so what does it need?

You, for sure, and your gentle support, so believe and join us, thank You!

So, get your stuff, go and share! And yes, you can join us, check this page!

Social Gaming Network Everything - Welcome in EU Travel IN

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