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You can participate to EUTravelIN Socia Gamingl Network, now you can receive the new coupon for one year subscribing EuTravelIN at 12€, publish your ideas, pictures, tell us about your journey experiences; exactly like it should be. You can "promote" places, sites, events write suggestions about itineraries, cities, sea, mountain ... and culture.As a member of our social-net, you can find about other people experiences, find new friends, a list of your favorites events, itineraries, offers about lodging, restaurants, travel and have fun. Those kind of economic proposals are specially created for EUTravelIN members by Companies Member. In that way EUTravelIN offers a marketplace that works as social network.

You have a sort of unlimited web-space for that, so, you can save all your digital media without quality loss.

All of this, with our annual standard plan! We suggest to you to test EUTravelIN network, just subscribe our newsletter and get access free credentials.

It's a part of EuTravelIN 2023-2024 Fundraising! The share assigned to the formation of the game prizes corresponds to at least 75% of the subscription!


Awards composition

   DELTAMILLE   50%  
   DONETACTION   33%  
   EXTRABONUS   10%  
   In the future   7%  

We are interested in collecting your opinions, and giving importance to your needs in this regard, and to any specific requests.
THANK YOU for your time and for taking part in the creation of the platform.

Just a little poll!

Thank you so much!

Duration: 1 year
Price: €18.00