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Play with EuTravelIN

This is exactly what you wait for!

You missed something ...

It's time to add some news to EuTravelIN Game!

You know, in the world we are more than 8 billions and we are pretty sure there are a lot of trend too! 

In Community mode, when you write, post, share your favorite activities ... you collect EuTravelIN points, always! Make a photo, publish and get points.

So, what can you do with all this points?

Shoot your cartridges and engage ...

You will be able to participate in coupon extraction, you will need to be active!

And climb the rankings, only the top 100 participate in the extraction!

You can make important shopping or be pulled out for a week in an exceptional touristic place!

Stay tuned, join our community, post and share, earn points and read the mail!

Always with love, Social Gaming Network Everything - Welcome in EUTravelIN

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