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Use the features of the platform and get the EuDoT, the points that allow you to climb the rankings to access this award!

DELTAMILLE, here it is !

The DELTAMILLE prize is paid out every thousand new subscriptions, excluding companies, renewals are also included in this count.

Some examples: by posting a photo you get 5 EuDoT, by sending a message in a conversation you get two. Each activity is associated with a score, the more you use the Community the more points you can earn.

Each action updates the ranking among the participants and at the stroke of the thousandth data, the ranking is frozen on the time of this last registration. It is easy to identify the three winners and any ex-equo to the thousandth of a second.

The DELTAMILLE prize money corresponds to € 4,500.00 (gross) assigned to the first three positions in the ranking.

The first classified is paid € 3,000; the second € 900 and the third € 600 (all three gross).

According to current legislation, the gross premium can be collected net of withholding tax and management costs: first place € 2,223.75, second place € 648.75, third place € 423.75.

Alternatively, the prizes can be converted into EuPoinT: first place 3,000 EuPoinT, second place 900 EuPoinT, third place 600 EuPoinT. The EuPoinT can be used as discount coupons within the integrated MarketPlace by referring to the provisions of the Italian D.P.R. 430/2001.

Each individual winner chooses the method of use and the system assigns the actual bonus and, if necessary, makes the payment according to the instructions received.

The three winners will see their accumulated EuDoT score reset to zero and start from scratch, even if no trace of these points is lost for any future awards.

How easy and intuitive to use the social network!

Have fun ! If you are not registered yet : JOIN and ENJOY ! What are you waiting for.

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