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The game that leads to the EXTRABONUS award ceremony, or rather, the games that lead to the prize are different and start every time the pre-established prize pool threshold is reached.

EXTRABONUS is the award ceremony for a specific performance! As soon as the prize pool of € 5,000.00 (gross) is reached, the game of skill is launched.
Only one winner at a time will be eligible for the prize. The games will be different from time to time, and will be related to the activities within the Community.

How can I win EXTRABONUS?

When EXTRABONUS related games are announced there will be a time window to register, with instructions to follow to participate in the actual competition.

The performance will lead to drawing up the list of participants and then of the winner, or at most more ex-equo winners, in case of a tie.

The winner is paid € 5,000 (gross).

According to current legislation, the gross premium can be collected net of withholding tax and management costs: first place € 3,723.75.

Alternatively, the prizes can be converted into EuPoinT: first place 5,000 EuPoinT. The EuPoinT can be used as discount coupons within the integrated MarketPlace by referring to the provisions of the Italian D.P.R. 430/2001.

Each individual winner chooses the method of use and the system assigns the actual bonus and, if necessary, makes the payment according to the instructions received.

Have fun ! If you are not registered yet : JOIN and ENJOY ! What are you waiting for.

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