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The game

The MarketPlace as well as the Social Game are online and always active, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the Community, Companies and Members interact freely on the platform.

Indeed, EuTravelIN is more than a social network, much more.

It stands out from other platforms by being one of the first to bring together fundamental concepts :

1.no profits on subscribers data

2.reward members for their activities within the Community

3.leisure and recreational activities

4.the culture of the game and the game of socialization

BRIEFLY, by participating in the game you will have access to these three types of prizes:

  1. DELTAMILLE with € 4,500.00 jackpot
  2. EXTRABONUS with € 5,000.00 jackpot
  3. DONETACTION with € 3,000.00 jackpot

Need more info about rules : go here; about the game and the prizes : here.

We have a good load of good ideas and fun purposes, and the formula for feeding all of this is the subscription. EuTravelIN is a subscription service! There is also a completely free mode with access to the Social without the possibility of playing or accessing the MarketPlace.

Are you looking for something more engaging than a scratch card or a fortuitous draw, this is the right Community for you.

Get involved (so to speak) thanks to this Community, any activity or initiative of yours makes you accumulate points, therefore higher chances of being rewarded, and with each spin of the wheel, the odds will be higher and higher. As long as you play, you continue to climb the rankings, when you collect the prize, you start from scratch. Like in a championship that continues indefinitely! Every time there are new participants the prize pool grows, and precise percentages are allocated to feed the three categories of Community PRIZES!

The events in the EuTravelIN game!

Can we be content to offer a "subscription service" and that's it? Absolutely! We like to play and we want to bring our playful aspect around. Such as? Organizing events, championships and "working" for your free time. What are you waiting for? Come and play, too, with us, in our Community, that is, even in "your" Community. EuTravelIN! Always with love!

Do you play with US?

Go to this page and find rules and a couple of examples!

This is the page with all types of subscriptions : Subscribe! With some limitations and exclusions we have also prepared a version with free access! Subscribe here for FREE!

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT! Help us to improve EuTravelIN!

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