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Not only Social!

EutTravelIN is a platform dedicated to free time, to European travel and entertainment with integrated Social Media, Online Booking, in addition to E-Commerce, for rentals, tourist guides, events, sports experiences and attractions.

EuTravelIN in pills:

  • inspiration for the next important experiential journey,
  • evaluate ideas, prices and organize holidays,
  • book hotels, B & Bs, agritourisms, restaurants,
  • make new friends and find adventure companions,
  • win money prizes and have the financial resources for the next vacation,
  • low commissions for companies, lower final prices for travelers,
  • share and tell about your personal experiences.

Why a Membership Subscription Plan?

EuTravelIN is the digital infrastructure to promote and search for events for the next trips or for the next holidays!
The philosophy of the game is to share and win!

EuTravelIN is not just a game! The philosophy behind this initiative is to promote, encourage and support socio-economic dynamics in support of the spending capacity of individuals, families, but also companies, increasing the wealth of the COMMUNITY thanks to Inclusion and Social Solidarity.

EuTravelIN is a unique social network of its kind, aimed at creating connections between people and companies in the area, promoting opportunities, events, products and services. The Community was created to support the local economy with its excellences and encourage tourist flows to Italy by promoting these excellences by helping the development of events and further connections in the social fabric.

EuTravelIN is the network that directly puts people's wishes and needs in contact with businesses, in particular with local producers, artisans and professionals to shorten the commercial chain as much as possible.

Thanks to this fundraising, the EuTravelIN platform will be enriched with new functions, becoming a tool to increase purchasing power, both for companies and for people, offering a credit platform based on proprietary digital complementary currency. The exchange title introduced allows you to carry out an important action in support of the territory, companies can receive a credit, at almost zero cost, equivalent to the catalog entered in the marketplace and can make purchases of goods and services in the circuit using the currency in full. complementary. EuTravelIN is the digital infrastructure to enhance the actions within the COMMUNITY, thanks to the proprietary exchange tool and the platform's exclusive functions.

So, get your stuff, go and share! And yes, you can join us, check this page!

Social Gaming Network Everything - Welcome in EUTravelIN

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